Finally it snowed here in Champaign!  We really haven’t had a real snow here in Champaign since the winter of 2010-2011.  Not very meteorological/climatological of me but we’re blaming it on the fact that in October 2011, we bought a snow blower since I was pregnant and refused to help shovel the driveway that season!  So we waited all last year for a snow big enough to use the snow blower.  There was only one little one that Eric took it out for a spin, but it really wasn’t worth the trouble. Last season was a little disappointing even for the very pregnant lady who hates snow!

So far this year had been a bust too!  Finally we were in a winter weather advisory for Christmas night.  It would be the perfect snow day for us.  We were both off from work all week.  We also weren’t traveling again until Friday, so we could be like kids again and really enjoy a snow day.  Eric and I hoped and watched the weather all day Christmas Eve hoping that the low pressure system would shift northwards, and we’d get that big snow Christmas night.  As we watched the weather though, I kept telling Eric that it was seemed like it was becoming more unlikely that we were going to get anything.  And guess what?!  We got nothing but a few flurries while my parents who hate snow and it makes their lives much more difficult got somewhere around a foot!

We went on about our week until Friday when we were heading down to my grandma’s to see my parents and grandma for Christmas.  It turned out there was another chance that day.  As we looked at this chance, it was clear early on it would split us.(the Champaign Effect?)  One system was going to the Chicago area and then another across my parents again (but supposedly on a few inches this time.)  Nope this time, we were drove through some very heavy snow showers on our way back but they died out about 50 miles south of Champaign, and my parents got another 7 inches!

FINALLY we had our snow though!  During New Year’s Eve day it snowed.  Granted it wasn’t a lot.  I didn’t take an actual measurement here but it looks to be about an inch.  The official measurement at work is 1.2 inches.  So really not a lot but at least we got some snow, and Eric got to use our snow blower.  He not only took care of our drive and sidewalks but also the neighbors’ sidewalks.

Eric figuring out the snow blower

Eric figuring out the snow blower. Also it seems like our neighbor is watching to make sure Eric knows what he’s doing!


Almost done with our driveway!

It was a nice way to end our break and head back to work.  Now maybe we’ll get a real snow when it would be more inconvenient and we have to go to work the next day…but that’s the way it usually goes 🙂



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