Resolution Update and a Long Weekend

This past weekend was a  long weekend for me…unintentionally.  Thursday morning, Tyler woke up with a fever, so that meant 2 extra days in my weekend.  It turns out that Tyler had an ear infection, but we didn’t find that out until late Friday afternoon when his temperature spiked over 103.  A short trip to Convenient Care and a little amoxicillin, and he’s pretty much back to normal.  He’s a little too alert now because he doesn’t want to sleep because he doesn’t want to  miss anything!   He’s also become a total momma’s boy in two days.  I feel like I’ve gained an extra 21lbs over the weekend, and my arms have definitely gotten a work out!  Hopefully with us all going back to work/daycare tomorrow will help with that a little bit.  He’s even crying when I try to hand him off to Eric.  Poor Eric!

With Tyler sick, Eric still recovering from his cold and me getting the second round of these colds on Sunday (at least Guster’s healthy!), not a whole lot of fun was had.  We stayed in with the exception of grocery shopping, and walking the dog.  It was so gorgeous (ie warm!) on Saturday too, so it was a shame we couldn’t all go out and do something.  At least I did get the patio furniture covered finally and all the Christmas lights finally down!  We won’t be “that” house any more!  There was also a lot of cleaning and cooking.  I made some turkey chili for my lunches this week, and today we had turkey (made in the crockpot) and my mom’s recipe for mashed potatoes!

With the mention of cleaning, that resolution is going well.  I’ve managed to vacuum every week.  Both Eric and I are keeping the clutter down around the house.  Eric even dusted today!  How awesome is that?!  I really hate that task.  The exercise went better this week even if it was just an XBox Kinect game.   The eating is ok.  I need to get back to that.  It’s harder when you’re home all day and exhausted from a grumpy baby.  I’ve also picked a new hobby, and I’ll be sewing!  Even though I learned in 7th grade, I’ve definitely forgotten since then.  I’m also going to have to learn some patience for this one too.  I have a project in mind already.  I just have to convince Eric that blue, grey and tan aren’t the only colors that exist!  So on to picking out fabric!


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