Soooo Big!

Well this week marks a big milestone in our family.  Tyler has moved into his 2nd daycare room!  When he started, he was in the Infant 1 room, which coincidentally is in the same room as Infant 2 only they are divided by a half wall, and Infant 2 has the same age range as Infant 1.    Now he is Infant 3! Big steps!  Unfortunately there is no decrease in price with this move…maybe in another 8 months or so when he moves to Toddlers :).  It’s still a huge move!

So what exactly does this mean.  Well to begin with when he started daycare, he was this little peanut (about 6.5 weeks old) who pretty much just slept all day.  We’d bring home his daily activity sheets and complain that we’re not really getting our money’s worth if all he does is sleep all day with just enough awake time to eat in between.  Where is the tummy time and the play time??  He was awake a lot more when he was home!  Well I think once he hit 4 months or so that all changed.  He started playing and not just sitting in a bouncer or swing all the time.  He was never the oldest kid in his room (strangely he moved up before the kid that is a month older than him!) but I do think he was one of the biggest movers/trouble makers in Infant 1.  He was definitely a big fish in a little pond.

Now he’s the youngest by far, but I think he’s very happy.  He loves watching the big kids walking and playing, and he wants to be like them.  He’s been in his new room for all of 2.5 days at this point, but there have been very few problems so far.  At Chesterbrook, they have a big play room that they schedule time in for each class, and they can go run around and play and mostly burn off some energy.  This room I think causes his most fear so far.  His new teachers (one who was his teacher when he first started!) said he’s a little clingy in there and on the first day when they were passing the 2 year olds he got a little freaked out.  He’s not used to seeing the big kids and all the excitement.  The second day they were in the big room a mini basketball freaked him out.  He was even shaking from fear of it.  He didn’t even like it when his teacher held him tried to introduce him to the basketball slowly (I’m a little worried that he’s going to be like Eric and not enjoy watching sports now.)

The other big adjustment for him is that now he’s on a pretty definitive schedule.  Meals happen pretty darn close to a certain times each day and nap time happens at pretty much the same time everyday.  I think in a month he’ll be down to 1 nap as well.  The last two days he’s only slept 2 hours per day at daycare, which is unheard of from him.  I have to say I’m not really enjoying that part.  He’s pretty grumpy in the evenings and has been going to bed right around 7pm.  Not much fun play time for us with him.  Hopefully that will even itself out sometime soon though.  I think he just loves seeing what the big kids are doing so much that he doesn’t want to miss anything, so he’s awake all day and then wants to sleep all night.

That is our big milestone this week!  It’s amazing how much he’s growing up and changing.  I think this move will be really good for him.  Just in 2.5 days I’ve seen a big change and he really seems to be getting close to pushing himself to walk (letting go of chairs and trying to take steps).  I think wanting to be like the big kids is a great change for him and will push him to start walking soon!  Hopefully I’ll have stories of that soon!

One last note about my big kid.  He’s gotten so big and loves him mama so much that he wants to be held all time that he’s given me “Mommy’s thumb”, better known as de Quervain’s tenosynovitis.  I’m now wearing a brace on my right arm, taking Ibuprofen regularly and will be seeing an orthopedic doctor in March.  I guess there are some drawbacks to having a big kid!


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