Unexpected absence…

So I didn’t plan on taking a week off from writing blog posts, it just happened.  We’ve all been sick and not just a little sick.  A lot sick.  Miss work, feel like you’re dying sick.

It all started last Tuesday when Eric woke up with the stomach flu.  He stayed home from work and got over it really quickly.  He was pretty well better by the time Tyler and I got home from work/day care.  I was fully expecting to wake up Wednesday and feel nauseous and all that fun stuff, but thought I’d dodged the bullet when I made it through the day and babysitting one of Tyler’s friends that night without even feeling sick.  Then 1am came and that feeling all changed.  I had all these great visions of staying in bed all day and watching movies to make myself feel better like Eric did on his day at home. Then we got Tyler up and he threw up, so it was a “fun” day to say the least.

I didn’t get better that day though.  I stayed home on Friday too, so did Tyler.  Then Eric came home from work feeling sick again that night, and it started all over again.  *sigh*.  We’ve been going back and forth believing we’ve gotten better, only to descend sadly back into the stomach flu.  Actually Tyler has gotten better (knock on wood!) but has developed a nasty cold and is also slowly getting his 2 front teeth, so he’s not the happiest little guy still.

The absolute worst part I think for both Eric and I was missing Super Bowl Sunday with our friends and all the wonderful foods that means.  We’ve promised ourselves when (if??) we finally get better we’ll have all those fun foods even if it is without the party. At this point I haven’t had a real meal in 5 days and am getting really anxious for that party!  It’s good for the old diet plan though right?

So nothing too exciting to talk about, but I have a lot of things going on specifically for Tyler’s birthday party.  I’ve gotten lots of stuff for it!  So hopefully more exciting posts coming soon!


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