Birthday Preparations

Well another week is in the books.  We’re finally healthy after our last bout of stomach bugs.  It took long enough with even an unnecessary trip to the ER for Tyler.  This week I learned not to listen to the patient advisory line because they have to advise you to go to the ER if there is even the slimmest chance that there is something “major” wrong.  I’m trusting my instinct from now on.

Now for something more fun.  I’m right in the midst of planning Tyler’s birthday party.  It’s only 29 days until I have a 1 year old!  Seriously where did the last year go??  The plan at this point is to have a regular birthday party on Tyler’s actual birthday (March 9) for our families and then do separate get togethers for our friends later in the month.  We decided to go this route so that we wouldn’t have to find somewhere outside our house to host the party since there was no way we could fit all our friends and family into our house at one time.  Also, it means that Eric and Tyler’s (and some other friends’) birthdays can be combined and we don’t have to make Tyler’s day such a big deal for everyone else.  Eric is a big fan of not making our family and friends mix! (It’s amazing we didn’t have 3 or 4 separate weddings.)  If he had his way we’d divide up our families for parties too.  Needless to say he’s not actually planning any of these parties.

So the family party is the one that I’ve really been working on so far. About 3 weeks ago at this point, I ordered the invitations.  I got them late last week around the same time the stomach flu hit, and I just got them sent out this week. The theme for the family party is puppy dogs.  Tyler adores dogs, mostly Guster, but other dogs at doggie daycare when we go to pick up Guster too.  Guster is not exactly the biggest fan of Tyler though.  I’m hoping someday that will change when Tyler is older and doesn’t hit Guster with blocks or pull his ears and fur.  Back to the invitations, I combed Vistaprint for something cute and appropriate for the party and came up with these, which I think are perfect for the party.

Invitation for Tyler's first birthday party

Invitation for Tyler’s first birthday party

The invitations went out this week, so far I know that my parents are coming…provided no one is sick, and it doesn’t snow.  I’m still in the middle of deciding what the heck we’re having for lunch that day and how to make it fit the theme.  at least, I know exactly what we’re having for dessert though!  I can’t wait to make the desserts.    There will be lots of night baking the week I’m sure!  The decor I’ve pretty well got figured out (the fabric that I’ve been sewing for the party).

I can’t wait for this all to come together, and to see Tyler turn 1!  Although I don’t know how I’m going to get it all done in 29 days either, I’m sure it’ll be great (for Eric and me at least) either way!


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