So Grownup

Another busy weekend is in the books.  I took Friday off to get things done around the house since we’d be gone a lot of the weekend.  Plus I needed to run some errands that are hard to get done after work (I have much shorter hair now!  Yay!).  Saturday morning we headed to Springfield/Litchfield/St. Louis for a whole bunch of activities.  We had lunch with Eric’s dad, step-mom and sisters in Springfield on the way down, and then dropped Tyler off for a fun night with Grandma and playing with his cousins while we headed to St. Louis for a friend’s birthday (Happy Birthday, Tik since I know you read this!).  Eric and I took some time to see some sights in St. Louis beforehand and went to BaconFest (why don’t I take pictures of these things!), went to the Western Expansion Museum in the Arch (we’ve both been there many times before but it was a good place to warm up a bit), and then we walked through the entrance to Comic Con (again why don’t I take pictures of these things) to see the costumes.  At BaconFest, we had a Toffee Oatmeal Bacon cookie and a Bacon candy bar.  Both were ok.  We also saw the “famous” 500 lb bacon log.  “That’s a lot of bacon!”.  Then we had a wonderful dinner with our friends, and spent the whole night worried about snow.  We were supposed to have lunch with Eric’s family to celebrate his birthday which is Tuesday!  We decided it was better to get ourselves home before the snow started, which we did.  It was a great weekend.  We just wish we hadn’t had to worry about the latest winter storm the entire time.  (Quick winter storm stats for Urbana/Champaign: the latest in the season 7in or greater daily snowfall total occurred on March 20.  It happened in 1906 with 14in and 1983 with 7.6in! So we have a new latest snowfall record for 7″ or greater storms!)

So now for the grown up part, because honestly yesterday we were pretty carefree with Tyler being with Eric’s mom most of the day and night.  We finally have “finished” our bedroom.  We got some new bedding which makes us feel like we have a very adult bedroom.  We got our new bedding from Linens N Things.  They’re an online store now.

Our new bedding with lots of pillows

Our new bedding with lots of pillows

What makes us feel grown up with this?  All the pillows.  We both have two kinds of shams and two throw pillows plus our regular sleeping pillows.  Other than needing some decor on our dressers yet and a few more pictures on the wall, I think we’ve finally finished with this room.  There is a small chance I may change up the curtains though to make them a little less matchy-matchy with the bed.  Once I actually clean the room a little better (i.e. get Eric’s clothes and the sheets that go with the bed off the floor), I’ll hopefully get some pictures of the rest of the room.  For now, we’re feeling pretty good that we have another room finished now!  Just 4 more to go!


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