Snow Day

March 25, 2013, the first snow day for our little family.  It was great!  We ended up with somewhere around a foot of snow from about 2pm Sunday afternoon until sometime this morning.  That’s a lot of snow for the end of March!  It’s melting off pretty quickly though.  Our street and driveway were completely clear by late morning on the 25th, and by Tuesday afternoon there was only about 2″ left on the areas where there wasn’t much drifting (There was a lot of drifting though.  I think there was one at least 2 ft tall in our backyard!) .


The top 2 images are some of the snow. I really liked how the snow had a wavy pattern on the pergola. The bottom 2 are two snowmen that were across the street from each other in one part of the neighborhood. I especially like the flamingo in the bottom right!

We didn’t actually know until 6am or so that we’d be taking the full day off.  Eric and I both had planned to go in late because we knew the driveway would need to be shoveled and snowblown (is that the proper word for that?).  When we got up though, we found out that while neither of our jobs gave us the day off, Tyler’s daycare was closed.  Since neither of us really wanted to go in and miss the day while the other had fun with Tyler, we both decided stay home!  It was going to be a family fun day!  It actually did turn out to be quite a bit of fun.  Eric had to do some work this morning.  Evidently, crises happen when he’s not at work, but luckily he didn’t have to go in even though it seemed like he would for awhile.  I did some work this afternoon to get ready for a presentation for Wednesday, but we found plenty of time to enjoy the day.

Just a few of our activities from our snow day!

Just a few of our activities from our snow day! Tyler had some majorly staticy hair.  Guster and I went on a walk around the neighborhood.  Eric baked some cookies, and Tyler and I colored

I finished my chair cushions.  You’ll be seeing those next week!  I played with Guster.  Eric and I both played with Tyler.  Eric even baked some chocolate chip.  They were delicious!  I think he may be the new cookie maker at our house.  It was the Nestle Tollhouse recipe (which forever reminds me of the Friends episode where Monica tries to remake Phoebe’s grandma’s recipe.) Even though we didn’t go out and play in the snow (Tyler doesn’t have any boots or snow pants since for most of the winter he couldn’t even walk.), we had a fun day together.  It was a rare day to just enjoy the day without anything pressing to do or somewhere we had to be.


One thought on “Snow Day

  1. Jaime

    So fun! Your attitude about the snow day was so much better than mine! That’s one of my fav Friends episodes and I can’t ever look at chocolate chips without thinking of it and giggling.


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