Old Toys New Again

Tyler got some new toys a few weeks ago, but they weren’t new toys.  They were my old toys!  I didn’t remember that my mom kept any of these things.  To be honest I don’t even remember the puzzles from my childhood.  There were a bunch of books that I’m keeping away from Tyler for awhile until he can read them without tearing pages, and there were also 3 really nice puzzles that Tyler has been playing with quite a bit.  There was an animal, a nursery rhyme, and a three little pigs puzzle.

Books and puzzles from my childhood

Books and puzzles from my childhood

The books are my pride and joy (besides Tyler of course!).  Being the daughter of a librarian, I had lots of books and enjoyed lots of books while I was growing up.  The top right picture has 3 of my all time favorites, and it contains one that I spent months looking for online.  I don’t remember the original Poky Little Puppy Golden book from my childhood, but the Poky Little Puppy and the Patchwork Blanket I remembered very clearly.  Every time I tried to find this book online I could only find it for hundreds of dollars, which I wasn’t willing to pay even for my favorite children’s book.  The reason that it was so expensive was because it hadn’t been reprinted since 1983.  Since I’ve had my copy back, I have found it for $20 though.  Timing is everything!  Even though I could buy it much more cheaply now, I was still beyond happy when I laid eyes on my copy again.  When I looked in the cover, it had an inscription that it was from my Grandma and Grandpa for Valentine’s Day.  It was fantastic!

Tyler playing with my old puzzles.

Tyler playing with my old puzzles.

Sometimes it’s the simple things in life that make us happy, and this past Easter weekend added a little bit of joy to my life.  Also just to throw this out there and get a few brownie points, my mom is pretty awesome for saving these for me!


One thought on “Old Toys New Again

  1. ajp

    Awwww. I had the original Poky Little Puppy as a kid … I know my parents still have it, although I’m not sure where it is. 🙂


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