Busy Bees

So I have nothing interesting to blog about this week…at all.  I’m going to have to cook/bake something interesting soon because I’m certainly no where near being finished with any craft projects that I can actually show on here soon.  We’ve have been insanely busy but with nothing that is really bloggable!

Two weekends ago we (Eric and I) were sick with strep throat, so we had to cancel a trip down to Litchfield that had already been cancelled because of the snow at the end of March.  Needless to say nothing got done that weekend because we felt horrible.  Actually we did manage to get some major cleaning done because we had to, and honestly I’m not sure the last time the entire house had been that clean!  We had to do a great cleaning job because we’d been thinking about selling our house and were meeting with a realtor last week.  Unfortunately, we decided that wasn’t a smart move for us at this time, so we’re staying put.  We were getting pretty excited about all the houses we were finding in our price range.  Now, we’re going to refinance, put more money towards paying off our mortgage and hopefully pay a little less each month.  That took up an extraordinary amount of our time last week.

This past weekend we had Eric’s brother’s family up to visit.  It was a lot of fun, and we did several fun things.  Plus I got to hang out with my adorable nephews.  Unfortunately I forgot to take any pictures. 😦  We did go to One Week Boutique, a huge kids’ consignment sale that occurs twice a year in the CU.  Evidently you don’t get much unless you volunteer at the sale, are a first time mom, or a consignor.  In the fall, I’m going to have to volunteer!  The only thing I bought was one pair of shoes for Tyler.  It was kinda disappointing since I’d seen pictures online and was expecting something a whole lot more impressive than what we saw.  We also cooked out!  Yay for beautiful weather on Saturday and Sunday!  But the whole weekend went way too fast and was over before it started it seemed.

So while I have nothing really to show on the blog.  We have been really busy.  Maybe this coming weekend we’ll be able to do some things around the house or maybe get into the garden (although with the amount of rain we’re supposed to get this week, it seems unlikely!).  I have a long list of things I want to do and things to blog…there just needs to be free time to do them!!


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