Boozy Brownies

We had a lovely sunny weekend after a pretty bad week.  Last week included Tyler getting another ear infection, lots of rain, and our main credit card getting hacked, and someone using it at the Home Depot in Surprise, AZ.  Surprise!  Really it wasn’t so bad though because Chase caught it for me pretty quickly and took care of it very quickly.  On the bright side, the plumber came out and fixed all our minor problems (3 of them in an hour!), and we started the refinance of our house.

Then Saturday came around, and it was sunny and beautiful.  I helped work at the Science Olympiad and got to catch up with my former officemate, which was a lot of fun!  Eric had a less than fun day because he came down with strep throat…again.  I have a feeling that the liquid amoxicillin that he and Tyler were on wasn’t strong enough to kill all the germs like the pills did since I didn’t get strep again.  Thank goodness.  This time Eric got a fun penicillin shot in the hip!

Then Sunday, I got to work on a lot of projects that I’d been putting off for awhile.  While I worked on a few crafty projects that I can’t share yet, I also got some baking in this weekend.  I made some yummy Kahlua brownies that I found on Pinterest.  They were from a blog called Homemade By Holman.  Eric always loves having Kahlua and Bailey’s in his desserts, the boozier the better!

The ingredients for the brownies

The ingredients for the brownies

The brownies were made from scratch, and they came together pretty quickly.  My biggest problem with the recipe I found was that it didn’t say what size of jelly roll pan to use.  I used 15″x10″ pan, and only baked them for 30 min.  They still came out a little over-cooked though.  If I make them again, I will probably use a 13″x9″.  They were a little thinner than I would have liked.

All the ingredients to make the Bailey's icing

All the ingredients to make the Bailey’s icing

The icing was really simple.  I even mixed it by hand.  I probably added a third extra to the recipe.  The original amounts certainly didn’t make enough.  At least it was easy enough to make more. Starting out with the beginning amounts and adding on worked out well.


Someone got into the brownies a little early!

Someone got into the brownies a little early!

They are really good.  The only real downside is that we can’t really taste Kahlua, but the Bailey’s comes shining through! We’ll definitely be trying them again!


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