Start of the Growing Season

It’s that time of the year again!  Time to start planting our garden.  With all the rain we’ve been getting lately, it’s been hard to find decent weather to get into the garden (maybe there will be a lot less watering than last year! Darn drought years!). When we had amazing weather this past Monday through Wednesday (always has to be on the weekdays), I decided it was time to get some of the early crops into the garden.

Rock produce from our garden and what the plot that I planted looks like

Rock produce from our garden and what the plot that I planted looks like

I actually started getting the garden ready for this year’s crop last weekend.  The first step was to clean rocks out of the plot.  We have no idea where all these rocks came from! They had to have been there last year, but they must have been buried and decided to come up to the surface during the winter. Cleaning these out took me a good 2 hours but then it started raining, so that put an end to the gardening for the day. I got a pretty full sack of rocks out of the garden even though I had to quit early. I’m not sure what I’m going to do with them now though.

Green beans and spinach are currently planted!

Green beans and spinach are currently planted!

Finally on Tuesday, the garden had enough time to dry out from our weekend rain, so I got to work on the digging.  We didn’t even have to get the tiller out this year because the soil was soft enough that one turn with the shovel was all it took to be ready for planting.  Unfortunately, that means there won’t be the annual shot of Eric battling the tiller!

Green bean seeds ready to start growing.

Green bean seeds ready to start growing.

This year we plan on having spinach, green beans, tomatoes, onions, peppers, a few herbs, and some sunflowers.  While we weren’t confident enough the weather would cooperate to break out the warm weather plants yet, we did pick up some spinach, green bean, and sunflower seeds at the grocery store. It is getting a little late in the season for the spinach, but since it has been on the chillier side, we decided to try it anyway. I got the green beans in the ground too. Since it’ll take them awhile to sprout yet, hopefully they won’t be too harmed by a late season frost.

Next weekend we’ll probably pick out our pepper, tomato, and herb plants and get those in the ground ready to go. Before then though, we’ll get the Preen down to make sure we have to do minimal weeding during the season. We’re always looking for a few short cuts! Hopefully, we’ll be able to get our annuals going outside too next weekend. I can’t wait for our yard to look green and flourishing again. The next time I post about the garden maybe there will be something green growing other than dandelions in the garden!

My adorable little helper, helping with the gardening!

My adorable little helper ready to start digging in the garden.


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