Memorial Day weekend

Happy Memorial Day weekend everyone!  I was able to spend 3 wonderful days with my 3 guys.  I always look forward to the 3 day weekends to spend lots of quality time with my family while still remembering all those who served our country.

The 6 ingredients needed to make raspberry bars

As for our weekend we stayed very busy!  On Saturday, we went to a 3rd birthday party and were able to catch up with a bunch of our friends.  Sunday, started off great with Tyler sleeping until 6:45am but by the afternoon he developed a fever.  I should have known what was coming when he sleeps in!  Hopefully it’s just some teeth coming in and not another ear infection.  Today even though Tyler was still under the weather we took a quick trip to Allerton Park in Monticello to see the pretty flowers.  We just beat the heavy rains before we left.  Unfortunately, we still had to drive back through them though.

A tasty raspberry bar

A tasty raspberry bar

These raspberry bars which I didn’t make this weekend would have been perfect because they don’t require a whole lot of time or effort.  Besides that they are relatively healthy if you ignore the butter and brown sugar.  These only take 6 ingredients, and I only had to specially buy the raspberry jam for this.  The rest are normal staples.

I made this recipe on a work night for Eric to take for dessert in his lunches. Some changes I would consider making are mixing blueberry jam and strawberry jam with the raspberry jam and have mixed berry bars instead.  I’m sure there are plenty of other jams that would be really tasty in these as well.

Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday weekend!


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