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Does shoveling snow count as exercise?

I thought I’d give an update on my New Year’s resolutions as we’ve made it 1/6 of the way through 2013 now!

1. Blogging.  Well I think it’s fairly obvious that I’ve been doing ok with this.  I don’t always get my 2 posts in a week, but it’s close enough.  Honestly, my life isn’t exciting enough for 2 posts most weeks anyway!  So I’m going to call this one a success!

2. A New Hobby.  I’ve definitely taken up sewing.  Honestly if I had more time, I’d probably be doing it pretty constantly at this point.  I’ve created Tyler’s pennant, which I can’t wait to see hanging over his crib after this weekend.  Also, I made a chair cushion (only 1 I still need 2 before I’m willing to share it here.)  Sewing is hard, but I’m getting better.  It’s definitely been helping my math skills as well.  Beyond the crafty side, I’ve also been learning more Javascript at work which I think will make me more marketable at some point and time.

And now we get to the things I’m less successful at…

3.  Eating Better.  I’ve realized the past few days just how badly I’ve been doing at this.  Even though I continue to track during the day I have a hard time doing this at night.  I’ve definitely been incorporating more fruits and veggies in my diet, but I certainly haven’t cut down on the sweets.  I think I might have an addiction to sugar.  I get cravings throughout the day!  I also realized that Eric isn’t the best influence in my eating habits (i.e. wanting to eat out a lot more than we really need to be).  So I need to get back in the mind set of eating better.  Letting myself eat whatever for the last well year and 3 months really is a hard thing to overcome, but I need to be successful if I want Tyler to eat well too now that he’s on more table foods.

4. Exercising.  Besides the weekends, it’s really a crap shoot whether I get any exercise in during the week.  For the last 3 weeks or so I’ve really tried to get more exercise in by doing a 15 min “routine” I found on Pinterest.  To be honest the first day I tried it, I was sore for the next 3 days.  That means it’s a good workout!  I’ve only tried it 2 times though.  I need to make it at least a twice a week thing.  I also have been meaning to get up at 5am to run for half an hour before it’s time for work.  It’s become really hard to force myself out of bed that early though, especially when Tyler has rough nights (teething and colds have really hit us hard lately).  My current goal is trying to get some kind of exercise twice a week outside of the weekends.  Tonight I shoveled my half of the driveway, and I’m totally counting that!

I think for these last two I just need to become more accountable in someway, to myself and probably to someone else.  Seeing my weight during our “physicals” for life insurance this week really drove that point home.

So as for my resolutions, I’m kicking butt on two of them and not so much on the other two.  Luckily I’ve still got 10 months to figure it all out and be successful on all 4 fronts.  Wish me luck!


A Hobby Update

Other than hobbies related to Tyler’s birthday, I realized I hadn’t written about any other hobbies I’d been involved with lately.  I have had a little bit of time, specifically last weekend to do some baking and some sewing.  Unheard of to have that much time right?

Actually the baking came about because I made a cake to take into work last week, and accidentally bought the ingredients for the wrong cake.  Luckily I had all the ingredients for the one for work, but that meant I had all the ingredients for the other sitting around.  When Eric found out that it was hot chocolate bundt cake, he decided I needed to make it right away and even gave me extra time away from Tyler to make it.  It was pretty good.  I thought it was a little dry unlike the chocolate sour cream bundt cake for work.  Eric has eaten the majority of this cake (definitely unheard of!) although I have eaten my fair share.  The interesting thing about this cake is that it uses hot chocolate mix in the cake and the glaze.  I think you can definitely taste the mix in there.  It is an interesting cake.

Eric's Hot Chocolate Cake

Eric’s Hot Chocolate Cake

Also last weekend I started working on my next sewing project, our chair cushions.  I realized I need to do a zipper.  This was definitely not a beginner’s project, and I probably should have sat down and really thought it out a little more before I started cutting.  I “think” it will turn out ok though.  I’m itching to get started on it again, but haven’t really had time this week to go somewhere to buy a couple zippers.  Hopefully I’ll get one done this weekend, but that’s a pretty lofty goal at this point. I think I’ll just be happy if I get the zippers bought.

In other news, it’s only a week until Tyler’s birthday, and he’s walking a lot more.  I still haven’t caught it on video though.  Hopefully we’ll catch it this weekend since he’s been coming home pretty grumpy from daycare this week.  In their reports they tell me he’s doing a lot of walking though.  Sometimes even pants-less!  I’m definitely looking forward to the end of the work day tomorrow!  Yay Friday and Happy Weekend!

Unexpected absence…

So I didn’t plan on taking a week off from writing blog posts, it just happened.  We’ve all been sick and not just a little sick.  A lot sick.  Miss work, feel like you’re dying sick.

It all started last Tuesday when Eric woke up with the stomach flu.  He stayed home from work and got over it really quickly.  He was pretty well better by the time Tyler and I got home from work/day care.  I was fully expecting to wake up Wednesday and feel nauseous and all that fun stuff, but thought I’d dodged the bullet when I made it through the day and babysitting one of Tyler’s friends that night without even feeling sick.  Then 1am came and that feeling all changed.  I had all these great visions of staying in bed all day and watching movies to make myself feel better like Eric did on his day at home. Then we got Tyler up and he threw up, so it was a “fun” day to say the least.

I didn’t get better that day though.  I stayed home on Friday too, so did Tyler.  Then Eric came home from work feeling sick again that night, and it started all over again.  *sigh*.  We’ve been going back and forth believing we’ve gotten better, only to descend sadly back into the stomach flu.  Actually Tyler has gotten better (knock on wood!) but has developed a nasty cold and is also slowly getting his 2 front teeth, so he’s not the happiest little guy still.

The absolute worst part I think for both Eric and I was missing Super Bowl Sunday with our friends and all the wonderful foods that means.  We’ve promised ourselves when (if??) we finally get better we’ll have all those fun foods even if it is without the party. At this point I haven’t had a real meal in 5 days and am getting really anxious for that party!  It’s good for the old diet plan though right?

So nothing too exciting to talk about, but I have a lot of things going on specifically for Tyler’s birthday party.  I’ve gotten lots of stuff for it!  So hopefully more exciting posts coming soon!

S’more weekend fun!

So I totally decided to go with this title to annoy Eric, hater of puns and word play!  It’s the weekend, and even better it’s a long weekend…for me anyway (I wish Eric didn’t have to go to work tomorrow).  It was definitely a long week, so having a long weekend to look forward really helped.

We started off our weekend with a morning playdate with some of our Frasca friends and their kids.  It was fun and while Tyler decided he just wanted to be held by Eric for last half of it, Eric and I enjoyed seeing our friends.  We’re also starting to look at new kitchen appliances because at least 2 of ours seem to be on their last legs.  The dishwasher has stopped working on a delay, and we have to push the start button a minimum of 3 times (maximum is around 10) before it actually starts.  It’s also a crapshoot whether the soap will actually discharge to clean the dishes or not.  The other problem (I think from Guster standing on the door licking dishes clean) is that the whole thing will randomly come unscrewed from the countertop and all the dishes in it will end up on the floor unless we move really quickly to catch it. As for the oven, its timer and clock haven’t worked since we’ve lived here,  The oven also runs really hot (500F when set to 350F), so we have to always kinda guess when the food is done.  The other thing about the oven that I didn’t know until this weekend is that it blocks a drawer!  It sticks out about 3″ past the edge of the counter, which makes it hard to get into a cabinet next to it, but I had no idea there was even a drawer there until Eric showed me it.  He had painted it to look just like a portion of cabinet that was stationary!  I think he succeeded at that project!  Now I really want an oven that actually fits in the space, so we have a free drawer!  The fridge (knock on wood) seems to be in decent shape.  It’s just a lot smaller than the allotted fridge space, so a bigger fridge would be really nice since our current one is always really full!  We think we’ve found ones that we like.  We just have to figure out if we’re ready for such a big purchase.

The other excitement of the weekend was that Eric and I finally agreed on fabric for my sewing project!  I sent Eric 5 options last night.  He didn’t like any of them! Luckily, it was the enough to get him to do some Googling himself to find some fabrics he likes since I’m much more agreeable than he is. 🙂  Hopefully that means maybe next weekend I can get started on that project.

This weekend though, I had another project in mind.  Ice Cream!  For some strange reason I was in the mood for ice cream, and Eric had been asking for this s’mores ice cream for quite some time.  I’d said no because it’s a lot of work and requires free time during both days of the weekend, which finally January has had plenty of, as long as we’re not sick.

Graham crackers, custard mixing, and a fudge ribbon are tasty!

Graham crackers, custard, and a fudge ribbon are tasty!

This s’mores ice cream recipe comes from one of my favorite blogs, Brown Eyed Baker, so there’s a good chance you’ll see more of her recipes at some point.  For my birthday last year, I asked for the ice cream attachment for my KitchenAid mixer from Eric and Tyler mostly so I could try this recipe.  This is a custard based ice cream, which involves cooking eggs but not overcooking the eggs.  Unfortunately, I got distracted during the first go around and ended up with scrambled eggs (very sweet and vanilla-y scrambled eggs, but pretty gross nonetheless).  Luckily I had just enough eggs and milk to try a second time, and it turned out perfectly.  I haven’t made my own graham crackers for this recipe, mostly because that would add one more step and I’m ok with store bought, but I bet it would be good that way too.  I also can’t find vanilla bean at the grocery store.  I’m guessing it’s there, but I just don’t know what section to look in.  I just threw in more vanilla extract since I didn’t have vanilla bean.  I only finished this around 2 this afternoon, and Eric’s already had 2 servings!  It’s pretty tasty.

S'mores Ice Cream!

S’mores Ice Cream!

Happy MLK Jr Day tomorrow everyone!  Have a good day off or have a great normal Monday (only without mail)!

Resolution Update and a Long Weekend

This past weekend was a  long weekend for me…unintentionally.  Thursday morning, Tyler woke up with a fever, so that meant 2 extra days in my weekend.  It turns out that Tyler had an ear infection, but we didn’t find that out until late Friday afternoon when his temperature spiked over 103.  A short trip to Convenient Care and a little amoxicillin, and he’s pretty much back to normal.  He’s a little too alert now because he doesn’t want to sleep because he doesn’t want to  miss anything!   He’s also become a total momma’s boy in two days.  I feel like I’ve gained an extra 21lbs over the weekend, and my arms have definitely gotten a work out!  Hopefully with us all going back to work/daycare tomorrow will help with that a little bit.  He’s even crying when I try to hand him off to Eric.  Poor Eric!

With Tyler sick, Eric still recovering from his cold and me getting the second round of these colds on Sunday (at least Guster’s healthy!), not a whole lot of fun was had.  We stayed in with the exception of grocery shopping, and walking the dog.  It was so gorgeous (ie warm!) on Saturday too, so it was a shame we couldn’t all go out and do something.  At least I did get the patio furniture covered finally and all the Christmas lights finally down!  We won’t be “that” house any more!  There was also a lot of cleaning and cooking.  I made some turkey chili for my lunches this week, and today we had turkey (made in the crockpot) and my mom’s recipe for mashed potatoes!

With the mention of cleaning, that resolution is going well.  I’ve managed to vacuum every week.  Both Eric and I are keeping the clutter down around the house.  Eric even dusted today!  How awesome is that?!  I really hate that task.  The exercise went better this week even if it was just an XBox Kinect game.   The eating is ok.  I need to get back to that.  It’s harder when you’re home all day and exhausted from a grumpy baby.  I’ve also picked a new hobby, and I’ll be sewing!  Even though I learned in 7th grade, I’ve definitely forgotten since then.  I’m also going to have to learn some patience for this one too.  I have a project in mind already.  I just have to convince Eric that blue, grey and tan aren’t the only colors that exist!  So on to picking out fabric!

Free Weekend and an Update

I am excited about this weekend!  Since the first weekend in November, we have had something even if we were in town planned.  Even though most of them have been fun, it’s still be exhausting.  This is the first weekend that we’ve had NOTHING, and I could not be happier.  It couldn’t happen at a better time as Tyler is finally getting over his cold even though Eric and I both got it from him.

This also means I get to really work on my New Years Resolutions too.  So far things are going so so.  I got my 2 blog posts up this week!  I’ve done really well with the eating better this week too.  The exercise and the cleaning haven’t been going so well…yet.  I should at least get in my exercise this weekend thanks to Guster, and hopefully at least vacuum and the ever present laundry.

Also, I’d really like to nail down what hobby I want to learn during this weekend too.  I’m really starting to lean towards sewing, especially since there is something I’d like to make for Tyler’s birthday party that would require it (more on that in a later post!).  It could probably come in really handy too for other projects, like making pillows (if Eric would ever let me add some color to the living room), or new curtains for “my” living room.  Plus after looking around at Amazon for a sewing machine, I found one for less than $80 with really good reviews.  So I’m going to do a little more research on my options this weekend, and hopefully I’ll have an answer by the end of the weekend…and maybe a new sewing machine or something else for a hobby on the way to my house 🙂  I have to keep up with Eric and all his home automation stuff!

Hopefully next week I’ll have some fun stuff to share with all of you next week.  Happy Weekend, Everyone!