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After the Bunny

One way I like to decorate is to put something on our front door to go with the seasons.  It’s really easy from October onward because there is always a holiday.  It gets trickier after Easter when I take my bunny down for the season.  The decorations add a little bit of color to our house.  Our front door is white, the trim is black and the house itself is grey (at least to my eyes, Eric will tell you it’s blue!), so it’s pretty monochromatic.  For the past several years, I haven’t put anything up between Easter and mid-October.  Even though we have flowers around the house in the spring and summer, this year I decided I wanted something on the door too.  I decided to make a wreath for our door!

The various steps in my wreath making.

The various steps in my wreath making.

I took a plain twig wreath to begin, and I spray painted it a cream color.  It ended up an ashy color which I really liked.  I then wrapped a teal ribbon around it.  I finished it with a wooden S that I wrapped in yarn.  I gave Eric the choice of 3 different colors, and he picked the maroon color (to be fair the other choices were purple and pink!).  I had some problems wrapping the S.  There is a good chance at some point it will be taken off the wreath for a painted S, but for now it looks pretty good.  It’s definitely better than no color at all since our flowers are later this year!

The finished wreath

The finished wreath!