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Going Bananas

Another weekend has come to an end, a very busy weekend.  I couldn’t wait for this weekend.  I was going to get my garden planted, my house was going to be sparkling, and I was going to bake up a storm.  Well then I realized I didn’t have time for everything on my to do list.  I still got a lot accomplished even with the cold temperatures, the rain, and deciding I just wanted to have some fun instead of running around like a chicken with my head cut off!

We had a great time going out to dinner and then having a fire pit at our house Friday night.  On Saturday, Eric, Tyler and I went out for breakfast while all the marathoners were still out running, we went to Sam’s Club to try out the free weekend (and bought a lot of stuff and are considering renewing our membership), I bought a few new spring/summer clothes, and cleaned out my car!  My wonderful parents came to visit on Sunday.  It’s always fun to see them and Tyler interact, and Tyler was certainly putting on a good show for them today!  If that wasn’t enough, I also got a little bit of baking in, some amazing banana bread.

I have a bad habit of buying 5 bananas, one for each day of the week, to eat for breakfast.  Well lately I’ve been eating a little more food than that on the days that I get my butt out of bed to run in the mornings .  I haven’t been using up all my bananas.  This week I decided instead of tossing them out on the next trash day it was time to make something yummy with them.  I’m not a fan of just banana bread all by itself, and Eric doesn’t like chocolate chips in his banana bread.  As a compromise, I decided what we needed was a streusel topped banana bread.  I’d seen muffins like this and figured there had to be a recipe out there for a loaf of bread of it.  I found one on the blog, Just a Taste!

The ingredients that I used to make the banana bread.

The ingredients that I used to make the banana bread.

This bread was very quick and easy.  I think I was able to pull the batter and streusel topping together and into the oven in less than 20 min. Of course it took nearly and hour to bake, but during that time, I could accomplish other things like buying clothes online!

Bread batter before the streusel topping

Bread batter before the streusel topping

I did make one change to this recipe.  Instead of using buttermilk, I just used regular whole milk since that we have on hand for Tyler.  It still takes great, so I don’t think it made any difference at all.  Tyler even ate a good half a slice if not more this morning, so if Mr. Picky will eat it, I think nearly anyone would.  I think this quick and easy bread will be on the menu again when I have bananas that I don’t use!

The finished product.  The blurry picture is due to a little boy squirming!

The finished product. The blurry picture is due to a little boy squirming!




So Grownup

Another busy weekend is in the books.  I took Friday off to get things done around the house since we’d be gone a lot of the weekend.  Plus I needed to run some errands that are hard to get done after work (I have much shorter hair now!  Yay!).  Saturday morning we headed to Springfield/Litchfield/St. Louis for a whole bunch of activities.  We had lunch with Eric’s dad, step-mom and sisters in Springfield on the way down, and then dropped Tyler off for a fun night with Grandma and playing with his cousins while we headed to St. Louis for a friend’s birthday (Happy Birthday, Tik since I know you read this!).  Eric and I took some time to see some sights in St. Louis beforehand and went to BaconFest (why don’t I take pictures of these things!), went to the Western Expansion Museum in the Arch (we’ve both been there many times before but it was a good place to warm up a bit), and then we walked through the entrance to Comic Con (again why don’t I take pictures of these things) to see the costumes.  At BaconFest, we had a Toffee Oatmeal Bacon cookie and a Bacon candy bar.  Both were ok.  We also saw the “famous” 500 lb bacon log.  “That’s a lot of bacon!”.  Then we had a wonderful dinner with our friends, and spent the whole night worried about snow.  We were supposed to have lunch with Eric’s family to celebrate his birthday which is Tuesday!  We decided it was better to get ourselves home before the snow started, which we did.  It was a great weekend.  We just wish we hadn’t had to worry about the latest winter storm the entire time.  (Quick winter storm stats for Urbana/Champaign: the latest in the season 7in or greater daily snowfall total occurred on March 20.  It happened in 1906 with 14in and 1983 with 7.6in! So we have a new latest snowfall record for 7″ or greater storms!)

So now for the grown up part, because honestly yesterday we were pretty carefree with Tyler being with Eric’s mom most of the day and night.  We finally have “finished” our bedroom.  We got some new bedding which makes us feel like we have a very adult bedroom.  We got our new bedding from Linens N Things.  They’re an online store now.

Our new bedding with lots of pillows

Our new bedding with lots of pillows

What makes us feel grown up with this?  All the pillows.  We both have two kinds of shams and two throw pillows plus our regular sleeping pillows.  Other than needing some decor on our dressers yet and a few more pictures on the wall, I think we’ve finally finished with this room.  There is a small chance I may change up the curtains though to make them a little less matchy-matchy with the bed.  Once I actually clean the room a little better (i.e. get Eric’s clothes and the sheets that go with the bed off the floor), I’ll hopefully get some pictures of the rest of the room.  For now, we’re feeling pretty good that we have another room finished now!  Just 4 more to go!

Fiddlin’ Around

This weekend was the weekend I’d been waiting for for a very long time.  It was the Dierks Bentley and Miranda Lambert concert!  Dierks is one of mine and Eric’s favorite artists.  I had seen him as the headliner many years ago in Springfield with Shelley.  We were in the general admission area for that one, and it was my favorite concert I had been too.  Shelley touched Dierks…twice, and I got a guitar pick.  Beyond that, Dierks just put on a really good show.  He came to Bloomington last February, but being really pregnant at that point, a concert seemed like a bad idea.  I had seen Miranda before too.  Mel and I saw her in Bloomington in September 2011.  She was also good, but not nearly the showperson that Dierks is.

Dierks Bentley between songs

Dierks Bentley between songs


My mom came up for the night to watch Tyler.  Unfortunately, he’s been cranky and grouchy most of the weekend (teething), so she didn’t really get to have much fun with him.  Eric and I were very thankful she came up though.  We both really enjoyed the night out.  We went out to supper at Prairie Fire before the show and then headed over to the Assembly Hall to wait for the show to begin.

During Up on the Ridge they played scenes that looked like they were "up on a ridge"

During Up on the Ridge they played scenes that looked like they were “up on a ridge”. Possibly my favorite song of the entire show.

We had really good seats.  We were on the floor in the first row, of a slightly raised up area.  They were really good seats.  Even though there was a general admission area, I figured Eric and I were too old to be in that area (and standing up the entire night) at this point!

Miranda singing Fastest Girl in Town.

Miranda singing Fastest Girl in Town.

Eric “cowboyed” himself up for the show (which I forgot to get a picture of the two of us.)  Even though I begged him not to, he wore his cowboy hat, belt buckle and boots.  I broke out my boots too.

At the end Dierks and Miranda sang Bad Angel together.

At the end Dierks and Miranda sang Bad Angel together.

It was a really great night for both Eric and me.  We had a great time, and we’ve also had a great weekend with Tyler really starting to walk (and him teething which hasn’t been so great.)  Hopefully some video of Tyler walking coming in the next post (if I can ever manage to have my phone nearby when he decides to walk!)


Weekend Away and a Birthday Pennant

It’s getting harder and harder to keep writing 2 posts a week!  Hopefully, by the end of this week things will calm down a little bit.  Although then we start gearing up for March, otherwise known as birthday month in this house!

Well my week away from Tyler has ended.  After my work trip to Ann Arbor , Eric and I left for a weekend in Galena with friends that Friday afternoon.  Eric’s mom came to stay with him.  We’re pretty lucky that both grandmas are so willing to come and watch him when we have something we really want to go do.  (My mom is coming up this Friday to watch Tyler while we go see Miranda and Dierks!  Can’t wait!)  Plus it’s good bonding time since Tyler doesn’t get to see his grandparents too much due to the distance.  It was the first time Eric’s been away from Tyler for more than 24 hours while obviously I’ve been away a bit more (Does that make me a bad mother?).  I was definitely looking forward to some time to sleep in and not take care of the baby for awhile.  It turned out pretty nice, and I think Eric enjoyed it more than he’s willing to admit even though we both did miss Tyler quite a bit.  When we got home Sunday afternoon, he was certainly happy to see us too, which is always nice too!  At least it helps us feel like we’re succeeding in this parenting thing currently.

This is another busy week although at least I’m home for this one though.  Besides the concert on Friday, there’s cake to make for work, plenty of household chores to catch up on from being gone so much, not to mention Tyler and Guster time.  I’m definitely ready for another weekend, and it’s only Tuesday!

After this week, we’ll be in full birthday planning mode I think.  We have made quite a bit of progress in this area though.  We ordered (or I should say Eric ordered while I was exercising) Tyler’s birthday presents last night, and on our drive home on Sunday, we figured out the menu for the family party on the 9th.   What I finished quite awhile ago is Tyler’s pennant for his party and his room.

Tyler's birthday puppy pennant

Tyler’s birthday puppy pennant

I used this tutorial to create the pennant.  I have to say my favorite part was sewing the triangles to the bias tape.  I found it much harder to keep a straight line when I was sewing the pieces of fabric together to make the triangles.  For my first sewing project, I think it turned out pretty well.  It was really simple.  I think a few good first sewing project definitely.  Hopefully Tyler will enjoy it as he gets older, and I think it’ll add some nice color to his room once his birthday is over.  I do wish I’d picked a little bit more colorful fabric, but since this was my first time actually choosing coordinating fabrics the blues work just fine.  Also, the puppies and bones on the fabric are just so cute too!

Detailed shot of the fabric used

Detailed shot of the fabric used

Well that’s where we stand with the birthday preparations at this point.  I think by the next time, I do a birthday post we’ll hopefully have had at least one party!

Unexpected absence…

So I didn’t plan on taking a week off from writing blog posts, it just happened.  We’ve all been sick and not just a little sick.  A lot sick.  Miss work, feel like you’re dying sick.

It all started last Tuesday when Eric woke up with the stomach flu.  He stayed home from work and got over it really quickly.  He was pretty well better by the time Tyler and I got home from work/day care.  I was fully expecting to wake up Wednesday and feel nauseous and all that fun stuff, but thought I’d dodged the bullet when I made it through the day and babysitting one of Tyler’s friends that night without even feeling sick.  Then 1am came and that feeling all changed.  I had all these great visions of staying in bed all day and watching movies to make myself feel better like Eric did on his day at home. Then we got Tyler up and he threw up, so it was a “fun” day to say the least.

I didn’t get better that day though.  I stayed home on Friday too, so did Tyler.  Then Eric came home from work feeling sick again that night, and it started all over again.  *sigh*.  We’ve been going back and forth believing we’ve gotten better, only to descend sadly back into the stomach flu.  Actually Tyler has gotten better (knock on wood!) but has developed a nasty cold and is also slowly getting his 2 front teeth, so he’s not the happiest little guy still.

The absolute worst part I think for both Eric and I was missing Super Bowl Sunday with our friends and all the wonderful foods that means.  We’ve promised ourselves when (if??) we finally get better we’ll have all those fun foods even if it is without the party. At this point I haven’t had a real meal in 5 days and am getting really anxious for that party!  It’s good for the old diet plan though right?

So nothing too exciting to talk about, but I have a lot of things going on specifically for Tyler’s birthday party.  I’ve gotten lots of stuff for it!  So hopefully more exciting posts coming soon!

Sew-Sew Weekend

The last January weekend is in the books and with it our last free weekend for awhile.  My parents were supposed to come up on Sunday, but since there was a freezing rain advisory, we all decided it was best that they stay home.  Unfortunately, all the weather forecasters were wrong (well all the ones that I looked at anyway), so we cancelled their visit for no reason.  While I’m disappointed that I didn’t get to see them, we were pretty productive to make up for it.  Tyler was recovering from his busy busy week at daycare being a big kid, so he took two really good naps, and even slept in until 8am Sunday morning (completely unheard of…especially for a weekend!).  That meant Eric and I got to actually work on some of our hobbies as well as clean and cook for the week.

My brand new Brother sewing machine.

My brand new Brother sewing machine.

The best part was I finally got to try out my new sewing machine!  Eric worked on his beer brewing (it was bottling weekend at our house!) for an hour and a half, so I got the same amount of time to work with my sewing machine.  My first project is a simple project for Tyler’s birthday and later on decor for his room.

The blue puppy dog fabrics for my first project for Tyler.

The blue puppy dog fabrics for my first project for Tyler.

I figured out how to put thread on the bobbin and even thread the needle.  That was my Friday night once Tyler went to bed.  (I’m a party animal!) I was pretty proud of myself though!  It was a lot easier than I remember with my little toy sewing machine from when I was a kid.  Cutting the fabric was a lot of math and lining it up precisely to cut, which was my geometry for the day (or basic adding and subtracting, but geometry sounds fancier).  It was pretty easy with my awesome rotary fabric cutter and the self-healing mat to cut on with a ruler on it.

I’m certainly not the best sewer at this point.  I’m not even very good at straight lines, but I’m hoping that gets better with practice.  I really enjoyed it though, especially when I found the best speed for me to sew at to actually keep a fairly straight line.  Even though I’m not done with this project and I already have my fabric for my second project, I’m already trying to figure out what else I can do.

Hopefully I’ll have more time to work on my project, and I can share it soon.  I have to get it done in less than a month and a half for Tyler’s birthday, so I’ll have to find some time sometime soon!

S’more weekend fun!

So I totally decided to go with this title to annoy Eric, hater of puns and word play!  It’s the weekend, and even better it’s a long weekend…for me anyway (I wish Eric didn’t have to go to work tomorrow).  It was definitely a long week, so having a long weekend to look forward really helped.

We started off our weekend with a morning playdate with some of our Frasca friends and their kids.  It was fun and while Tyler decided he just wanted to be held by Eric for last half of it, Eric and I enjoyed seeing our friends.  We’re also starting to look at new kitchen appliances because at least 2 of ours seem to be on their last legs.  The dishwasher has stopped working on a delay, and we have to push the start button a minimum of 3 times (maximum is around 10) before it actually starts.  It’s also a crapshoot whether the soap will actually discharge to clean the dishes or not.  The other problem (I think from Guster standing on the door licking dishes clean) is that the whole thing will randomly come unscrewed from the countertop and all the dishes in it will end up on the floor unless we move really quickly to catch it. As for the oven, its timer and clock haven’t worked since we’ve lived here,  The oven also runs really hot (500F when set to 350F), so we have to always kinda guess when the food is done.  The other thing about the oven that I didn’t know until this weekend is that it blocks a drawer!  It sticks out about 3″ past the edge of the counter, which makes it hard to get into a cabinet next to it, but I had no idea there was even a drawer there until Eric showed me it.  He had painted it to look just like a portion of cabinet that was stationary!  I think he succeeded at that project!  Now I really want an oven that actually fits in the space, so we have a free drawer!  The fridge (knock on wood) seems to be in decent shape.  It’s just a lot smaller than the allotted fridge space, so a bigger fridge would be really nice since our current one is always really full!  We think we’ve found ones that we like.  We just have to figure out if we’re ready for such a big purchase.

The other excitement of the weekend was that Eric and I finally agreed on fabric for my sewing project!  I sent Eric 5 options last night.  He didn’t like any of them! Luckily, it was the enough to get him to do some Googling himself to find some fabrics he likes since I’m much more agreeable than he is. 🙂  Hopefully that means maybe next weekend I can get started on that project.

This weekend though, I had another project in mind.  Ice Cream!  For some strange reason I was in the mood for ice cream, and Eric had been asking for this s’mores ice cream for quite some time.  I’d said no because it’s a lot of work and requires free time during both days of the weekend, which finally January has had plenty of, as long as we’re not sick.

Graham crackers, custard mixing, and a fudge ribbon are tasty!

Graham crackers, custard, and a fudge ribbon are tasty!

This s’mores ice cream recipe comes from one of my favorite blogs, Brown Eyed Baker, so there’s a good chance you’ll see more of her recipes at some point.  For my birthday last year, I asked for the ice cream attachment for my KitchenAid mixer from Eric and Tyler mostly so I could try this recipe.  This is a custard based ice cream, which involves cooking eggs but not overcooking the eggs.  Unfortunately, I got distracted during the first go around and ended up with scrambled eggs (very sweet and vanilla-y scrambled eggs, but pretty gross nonetheless).  Luckily I had just enough eggs and milk to try a second time, and it turned out perfectly.  I haven’t made my own graham crackers for this recipe, mostly because that would add one more step and I’m ok with store bought, but I bet it would be good that way too.  I also can’t find vanilla bean at the grocery store.  I’m guessing it’s there, but I just don’t know what section to look in.  I just threw in more vanilla extract since I didn’t have vanilla bean.  I only finished this around 2 this afternoon, and Eric’s already had 2 servings!  It’s pretty tasty.

S'mores Ice Cream!

S’mores Ice Cream!

Happy MLK Jr Day tomorrow everyone!  Have a good day off or have a great normal Monday (only without mail)!